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Niall Foster

Performance/Change Optimisation Consultant

Interim Director

Non-Executive Director

Behavioural Trainer & Executive Coach

Visiting MBA Lecturer

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Team Meeting

The            Organisational Elements 

Get and keep all the vital elements of your organisation – employees, processes, customers, business strategies, and of course, leadership – aligned and headed in the same direction at the same time to obtain breakthrough results including sustained growth and profit, loyal customers and a high performing workforce. 


  • Design a flexible culture to fulfil the strategy

  • Develop exemplary leadership  

  • Implement governance and regulatory compliance

  • Improve shareholder value


  • Resolve strategy alignment bottlenecks

  • Translate strategy into performance employees are trained/rewarded to do

  • Facilitate skills development, career planning, in-house behavioural training, executive coaching and mentoring

  • Assess leadership and functional competencies

  • Deliver competency-based recruitment and onboarding

  • Clarify talent and succession planning

  • Identify reward strategies


  • Deliver processes and procedures to meet customer needs

  • Enhance customer focus and service

  • Ensure consistent service standards and behaviours

  • Clarify what customers care about


  • Improve performance and control

  • Define consistent operational standards

  • Manage forecasting, planning, measuring and reporting

  • Implement the Balanced Scorecard

  • Streamline and digitise processes and procedures


  • Align employees with business vision, values, strategies and processes

  • Ensure consistent employee behaviours

  • Maximise employee potential and improve morale

  • Improve stakeholder collaboration and buy-in

  • Create culture for all employees to maximise their potential

5 Elements


Niall helps organisations overcome operational and people issues that hinder strategic goal attainment. 

Niall stepped down as Managing Partner of Sterling Development  International in March 2024. 


Working with businesses of all sizes in all sectors, I deliver operational and cultural performance improvement using the power of alignment across 5 organisational elements.


My work combines facilitation, consulting, interim management, training, and executive coaching. I help employees understand and deliver your corporate vision, goals, and management systems and through proper incentive mechanisms deliver customer requirements.


I drive organisational performance by:


Strategic Alignment - aligning employees, processes, and systems with your vision, strategies, and values using a balanced scorecard style management control system.


Competence - evaluating your employees' leadership and functional behaviour and creating individual development plans to address shortfalls.


Operations - reimaging your operational processes to unlock performance, manage costs, and become a Lean performance leader.


Technology - exploiting IT to achieve business advantage through superior data quality management and setting your organisation on a path to digital leadership.


Customer Service - developing consistent service standards to create loyal customers.


Training - aligning behavioural and technical training with your vision, strategies, and values.


​Executive Coaching - ensuring your executives possess the skills and confidence to meet professional and career goals.


Recruitment - helping you to recruit and retain the best talent.

Shaking Hands


“Brilliant and enthusiastic, Niall dives into the nuts and bolts, gives the skills, processes and behaviours needed while ensuring no questions asked are too stupid.”

Richard Macklin, Global Vice Chairman, Dentons

Work with Niall

Work with Niall

Performance & Change Optimisation Consultant

Hire Niall to identify business improvement opportunities using his audit methodology that results in a menu of suggested performance improvement projects with quantified business value and recommended critical path timelines.

Interim Director

Hire Niall for specific periods to fill and unplanned vacancy, manage one-off projects, bring in specialist skills when needed or assistance with specialist training and coaching.

Non-Executive Director

Hire Niall as an independent non-executive director or board advisor. He helps privately owned, public and charitable boards for effective long-term oversight with respect to governance, strategy, leadership and financial viability.

Behavioural Trainer and Executive Coach

Hire Niall to challenge established thinking, unlock practical insights and enable employees to become as professional in leading and managing as they are in their specialist fields. 

Visiting Executive MBA Lecturer

Hire Niall as a visiting lecturer/trainer of Executive MBA and postgraduate students at Edinburgh University Business School, the University of Law Business School, the Baltic Management Institute (Vilnius), Kyiv National Economic University, ISG Business School and in centres of learning throughout the Middle East and Africa. 


Sample Projects

Sample Clients

Niall has worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands. His leadership experience stretches across a diversity of cultures, channels and functions worldwide.


& Onboarding

Working as an interim director this project was for private and public sector clients in the UK. 

Businesswoman with Mask

Customer Service Culture Change

Working as a consultant and trainer this project was for a local government  authority

in London. 

Outplacement Service 

Working as a consultant for a public utility company with headquarters in London. 

Happy Senior Couple

Assurance & Performance Control 

Working as a consultant for a private sector agribusiness company in West Africa. 

Canary Wharf London


Working as an interim director for a Big 5 UK private sector bank.  

Business Conference


Based Training 

Working as a consultant this was for an oil & gas private sector client in Kuwait. 

Clapping Audience

Corporate University Creation

Working as a interim director this was for a major UK retail bank.


Outplacement Service 

Working as a consultant for a public gas company in Qatar. 

Call Center Employee

Customer Care Standard

Working as a consultant for a public sector hospital in Saudi Arabia.


Executive MBA Training

Working as a visiting

MBA lecturer.


Non-Executive Director Skills 

Working as a consultant to help lawyers  worldwide. 

Man on a Balcony

Technical Competencies

Working as a consultant

this project was for a multilateral development bank in London.


Company Integration 

Working as an interim director for a major telecommunications  



Leading Change

Working as a facilitator with Europe's largest bank.

Colleagues Brainstorming

Strategy Audit

Working as a consultant for a telecommunications regulator in the Middle East.

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